Our Policy

Our pricing policy will be discussed privately, our fees depending on the project’s target, the number of people participating on the project, the time invested in it and the complexity of the tasks.

Being an independent project, enable us to reserve ourselves the right to select our clients.

We do not take simultaneously competitive brands as clients for similar projects.

As a sign of great respect for all the people who participated in our training along the years and for all our friends who helped us building  this project, once in a year we take a pro bono young fashion designer as client.

We will announce on our website & social media channels the date you can register your application.

Meet The Team

Radiana Bratu

Journalist with 15 years of experience in fashion magazines, as beauty director for Harper’s Bazaar Romania and as editor in chief for Beau Monde Style Magazine.

In addition to her publishing experience comes the online expertise, achieved in 4 years as the editor in chief and project manager for www.andreearaicu.ro.

Radiana perfected her training in writing for web and editorial content strategy in London, at Nielsen Norman Group, taking part in the Usability Week Program.

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Miruna Micsan

Investing in your image is an essential part on the way to success – a fact that Miruna had learned and tested in her 8-year experience as Deputy Editor-in-chief for Viva! Magazine.

In 2011, she embarked on a new adventure, exchanging the print for online media. Her work as Fashion Director involves coordinating the fashion & style department at andreearaicu.ro, winner of Digital Divas Award 2015 for Best Women Website.

As part of this project, Miruna develops and implements the online and offline image strategy for the Andreea Raicu brand (platform, online shop, media channels).

Roxana Crisan

Creative junkie and junket, with 15 years of experience in communication (ACT Theatre, theatre and commercial projects and MediaproStudios), executive management (cultural events, educational projects, ACT Theatre, Mediapro Pictures), talent management (MediaPRO Pictures, ProTV and Talentivity) and with the background of medical assistant and theatrical studies.

In the past year she was account manager for talents in relationship with brands such as Oriflame, Philips, PNK, Carrefour, blogging consultant for VIP such as Adela Popescu, Catalina Grama, Alina Chivulescu, Laura Cosoi, Radu Vâlcan, online content strategy consultant for several personalities and sites.

Roxana is constantly scouting for talents in various areas as part of her strategy to constantly improve and educate HR and artistic resources for ambitious and creative projects, she is personal coach. She strongly believes in the creative potential of the talents (HR, artistic, public persons) which, with good objectives can create competitive working environment and established projects.

If we have 15 minutes of celebrity, let’s make it worth for the next 5 years.


Our Partners

Wonderful images and content curating infos: Guliver

Great design for branding identity: Mihai Croitoru

Creative photo campaigns: D Studio 

Innovative web design: Webfinity Designs 


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