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Corporate Image Trainings & Workshops

We will tailor our corporate image trainings in line with your company values, in order to help your employees to better understand and represent your brand. Based on our experience, the main achievement of these trainings is helping employees identify with your brand image. This translates into a higher performance, more powerful teams working together and a better atmosphere at the office.

Business people standing out from the crowd in spotlight from desk lamp

Dressing and acting for success come together.

Your leaders will become trusted role models closely followed by their teams. Your executives will consolidate their position on the market, growing their reputation on behalf of your brand.

The overall effect will be a better image for your company, a stronger brand identity and a significantly increased performance.

Our corporate image workshops are made as a bonus to your employees.

They will have the chance to learn how to choose clothes & accessories flattering their body type, how to personalize their appearance, how to adapt trends and fashion directions to a business outfit.

They will be trained for smart shopping, meaning spending less but looking better at the office or in their everyday life.

They will learn to communicate the right brand message through their personal image, to enjoy dressing up, to gain precious time, to transform the low energy days into more productive ones through colors, shapes and textures.

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