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COLOURS OF MY LIFE metamorphosis

Project Information

The metamorphosis of COLOURSOFMY from an e-shop to a styling platform was a challenge.

The main purpose was to find a creative yet functional way to fulfill the customers’ needs for fashion tips and styling ideas. It was also important for us to introduce the universe of the brand to an international consumer of luxury goods. To reveal the story behind this artist signature brand, the main qualities of the items, the special approach of design and production.

We began our job by creating a list of consumers’ needs, based on information collected through the half year passed from the launch of the brand. It was not easy at all to transform this list into content (text and pictures) representative for the brand philosophy, realistic but also eye catching. And to adapt the initial design of COLOURS OF MY LIFE e-shop to the new vision, having in mind an easy to follow approach. In order to fulfill the customers’ expectations, we developed the Blog and also a new section, How to Wear Bags.

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