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Ancuta Sarca Label’s website was a real challenge for us!

Building the band strategy for Ancuta Sarca label was a highly creative project.

We began our job by collecting and cropping all the photo material existent. We imagined a story in line with the ludic though edgy personality of the young Romanian designer Ancuta Sarca.

And we’ve told this story in an easy to follow still catching eye design, spotting the main attributes of the label: dynamic, timeless, unisex, innovative.  

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ANCUTA SARCA IS A YOUNG ROMANIAN FASHION DESIGNER Ancuta loves colors and shapes. Her passion started in childhood, in the post-communist era of her country – Romania. It came with a lot of joy, a wonderful curiosity and a fine sense of humor. All these grew Ancuta’s endless desire for making original things, beyond fashion trends and seasonal directions. The years spent as a student at The Art and Design University of Cluj Napoca were the beginning of her fashion story. She improvised, she played with all sort of materials, she discovered unlimited and unexpected possibilities to bring to light her childhood happy dreams. Along with an academic experience, Ancuta transformed her passion for color in a personal signature, adding some more ingredients whose exceptional potential she discovered: the textures, the shapes, the cuts. She found the perfect support for her ideas: unconventional materials in vibrant tones, sometimes mixed with trendy textures, sometimes painted by hand, sometimes printed with ludic patterns. In a permanent search of people sharing the same passion, Ancuta became fascinated by old cultures, strange places and wonderful characters living in vivid yet forgotten parts of the world. Items inspired by the 90s American ghetto life can be found in her first collection, Ghetto Superstar (the graduation collection) along with the edgy spirit developed by the SAPE movement in the streets of Brazaville (Congo). The collection speaks loudly about being different, about freedom and hope, about using clothes as an expression tool, as a form of protest, as a joyful way of embracing life. Her originality was rapidly noticed by the Romanian fashion press and also by Meadham Kirchhoff team who accepted Ancuta’s application for an internship in their London Studio. The nine month of her londonaise trip were that wonderful piece missing in the puzzle of Ancuta’s design style. Living and working in the very heart of such an eclectic fashion metropolis, enhanced her experimentalist side. Although her esthetics remains the same, Ancuta’s vision became more sophisticate, yet functional. "I realized passion and esthetics have no borders, neither cultural nor spiritual, sexual, political or racial. Their only boundary is the human imagination. So I started my journey. In search of lost and future worlds, I created the label: Ancuta Sarca. Just to make the colors, the textures, the shapes happily vibrate together beyond age, space and time. In some sort of an unconventional spot. And this is my ultimate freedom." Back to Cluj Napoca Art and Design University, for an MD, Ancuta released her second collection, Eleganza (the MA collection). A more complex and mature revival of a lost world – populated by the dreamers sipping tea at Marie Antoinette 5 o’clock historical moment – mixed with details inspired by the Italian baroque portraits, and visual elements discovered in Wes Anderson’s esthetics. A collection developed as an alternative to the fashion mainstream luxury approach, with an ironic touch and a vivid, eccentric execution. Her journey as a spirited designer is far for being complete.