The Shopper Trend

The shopper came in our life together with technology. First, we surrounded ourselves with laptops, tablets, e-readers and all sort of gadgets that we can’t break up with, even if probably we will not going to use them. Second, we needed to carry all this stuff, plus: beauty cases, classic diaries, files, vegies for our organic brunch, maybe a second pair of shoes… Third, God invented shopper bag.

On top of all these, this summer Mulberry brought Blossom Collection, a splendid selection of calf totes, elegant enough to become a business woman’s choice, day by day. Apart from its functionality, this Mulberry bag comes in wonderful colors, at a special price.

4 trendy colors
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The Unbearable Truth

Since women met the perfect shopper, no other bag is worth thinking about. So, if you invest in a very good quality shopper bag, you can bring it in the office without restraint. Here’s what to look for:

  • A rigid texture needed, for an elegant shape.
  • A simple, clean cut that fits your suits and shirts.
  • A roomy interior providing space for all the things you bring with you in the office daily.
  • A color that matches most of your office wardrobe.

The Colors’ GuideMulberry Blossom Collection 2015

  1. A blue bag, Sea Blue Calf Nappa, would be the best choice for a classic style.
  2. The red bag, Hibiscus Calf Nappa, would flatter any lady in the office.
  3. The more acid tone, Mandarin Calf Nappa, is made for a millennial personality.
  4. While the green bag, Jungle Green Calf Nappa, would fit a true fashionista’s attitude.