The Pink Bag Power. Which Brand To Buy When You Just Can’t Resist.

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The pink bag neurosis caught a lot of women this summer. Either because light pink is such a trendy color, or because, deep down, we all are still some little funny girls. Even in the office, even the most powerful of us.


The Temptation

When the desire of having a splendid pink bag bugs you for days now, there’s no need to play cool. It’s beyond you. The pink bag will conquer progressively every thought you have, every plan you make and, sooner or later, the front row of your dressing room. So, researching carefully the market is the best you can do.

The Pink Bag Trend

Of course, a pink bag is the perfect splurge. It’s not necessary practical, but it’s precious. It’s not so classic yet elegant. It’s not at all a simple choice, it costs a small fortune and it’s not even an investment. But, by choosing smartly, you can transform your splurge into a collectible piece. And your outfit can become an introduction to your communication strategy.

Most of the luxury brands came this summer with irresistible proposals, looking perfect and  eye catching. Classic design in trendy shades of pink: a match made in that kind of fashion heaven that every sophisticated, well off business woman want to reach.

The Perfect Pink Bag

The Circumstances

  1. Imagine yourself preparing for an important meeting, in a navy blue flawless business suit, with the perfect pink bag on the side.You just added that drop of femininity you need in the office.
  2. Or, why not, in a ton sur ton outfit, in light shades of pink or beige, taking part in a pretentious conference where everybody wear black. The wow effect puts you in a force position and you look neither stiff nor childish. You are friendly, elegant, open. You simply rule a men’s world, without being aggressive, demanding, intimidating.
  3. And for a winter look, just think: a white coat and a light pink bag. You’ll simply bring the spring at job!

Sicily Tote on, Balenciaga Papier A4 Tote on net-a-porter, Fendi Sellerina Tote on

Yes, the pink bag it is part of this successful communication strategy. As you can see, could be more than a splurge!


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