Office Shoes Eccentric. Which Pair To Invest In at Sales

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Office shoes must be comfortable first of all. These Le Silla stilettos are far, far away from your dreamy relaxing shoes, I know. Yet, at half price right now on, they are a very good deal for your business wardrobe.


The Investment

Investing in office shoes it’s not all about functionality. It’s also about fulfilling the necessities required by a modern business wardrobe. Of course, these shoes are not a day by day option. It would be too difficult cu wear such pretentious heels on a regular basis at the office. But they are the perfect pair to invest in for your very important meetings & your company events.


Le Silla 10 cm Python Pumps at half price

Office Shoes Guide

  • High heels, classical design, very good leather: that’s you must look for when shopping for special business shoes.
  •  A little bit of an eccentric touch: the difference between the classic black or nude stilettos and the more catching eye ones.
  • A texture that will be trendy also next year, at least. The python is an elegant, timeless leather.
  • Multitasking: that means that you will wear the office shoes also for a cocktail, a fancy party, a special event in you private life. They fit any occasion. So you will spend less in the future.
  • 10 cm heels at most: for a day look, 10 is the biggest number. More than 10 cm  it’s too much for a business look. On the one hand because it’s difficult to move elegantly, on the other hand because you don’t want to be taller than the men you are working with. It’s so ‘90’s to look them down!


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