Sneakers Day in the Office. Business Look for Casual Friday

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Sneakers and business look. It is difficult to accept both in the same phrase. Not impossible, yet, when the Casual Friday dress code gives you a lot of well deserved freedom.


A Dilemma

Maybe sneakers and the suit don’t make the most acclaimed combination in the whole corporate world. But it is the smartest way to feel good without looking too relaxed in front of your boss or your team. It’s cost effective, allowing you to express your creative personality – from classical to uber cool – with a small budget investment and a lot of designs this summer.

sneakers converse asos

Chuck Taylor All Star Converse, 50 Euros,

Sneakers’ Guide for Office

That means you can pair your daily business outfits with the comfortable shoes you were dreaming about the other day, while tortured by your killers stilettos. But… Yes, I know, there’s always a tricky but…

  1. Pay more than usual attention to details.
  2. Choose wisely the items you will wear with sneakers. These shoes won’t make you look taller or thinner. High heels are unbelievable magicians, but flats, especially the sporty ones, have no special powers.
  3. Look yourself in the mirror being your biggest fashion critic. And if you have the smallest doubt about your silhouette, forget the sneakers and go for your Oxford shoes instead.

sneakers summer 2015

Business look + sneakers = 2 rules

When you choose sneakers, all you must do for an appropriate office look is to keep in mind that even if it’s Casual Friday it’s not yet weekend. So you need a good balance in your outfit.

  • First of all: Don’t pair sneakers with jeans, this will tell everyone that you’re already on holiday.
  • Second: Try to compensate the easy going personality of your sneakers wearing formal pieces instead of your regular Casual Friday choices: shirt not t-shirt, elegant trousers not casual ones, office dress in block colors not summer prints.

A Solution

It’s not necessary to wear the classical colors, or the Converse design. Sneakers come in mysterious ways this summer. Flashy tones, silver or gold texture, animal print patterns, all helping you express yourself better.

sneakers-zara-business-lookSneakers Zara, 169.90 Ron (44 Euros)

An Advice

Don’t forget that trick you already know, for sure: wear sneakers every day on your way to the job. Change them at the arrival, in your car or in your office. So, everyday you will be easy like a Sunday morning. Feels great and helps your mood a lot!

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