The suit that flatters your style and updates your business image

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A suit is a pretty scary item. We consider it a rigid, pretentious and unfriendly piece of fashion that only the executives should wear. The truth is, we’re wrong.


Suit is forever

When you have to dress up every morning for work, most likely you need some inspiration, from time to time. The same suit, only in different shades, can kill your mojo, it’s perfectly understandable. The good news is that you don’t have to wear the same classic cut, day after day.

suit horse print blue

Two pieces dress, 44 $,

New designs – those inspired by the more active and fashionable lifestyle of the new business women generation – are here to cheer you up.

So, if you have to wear a suit, make a statement with a two pieces dress, the most trendy mix which doesn’t defy the business dress code. Like this stallion quilted two pieces dress, with a velvet horse patch.

Who’s that girl?

suit office wardrobe

For someone with a clean, proper business image, this suit might seem an unusual proposal. You would probably dismiss it or you would accept the challenge of Casual Friday at best. In fact, it’s a navy blue deux pieces, with a nice, innocent print. Nothing more!

  • The cut is simple, inspired from ’60s-‘70s styles.
  • The top is more than decent, no cleavage temptation, no skin revealed.
  • The skirt is a retro midi flared one.
  • The color is more elegant than black.

So, there’s no way to go too far with this mix! Even if you are a bit conservative. The only requirement for a flawless business image is to mix this suit with stilettos and to wear it with an attitude!


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