The Business Look: Millennial Generation

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These days, a closer look in the offices reveals a brand new business look. More relaxed and more fashionable. Not necessary powerful, but incredibly creative and smart. It’s the new generation of fashionistas taking control.


The News

It’s a fact: the street stylers, the bloggers and the stylists are the new corporate generation’s biggest icons.The truth is I don’t know if corporate is the proper word. Probably business is more appropriate. You don’t have to work for a huge company to embrace the new office look.

It fits also for agency people, small businesses employees and owners, even… freelancers. Because it’s more casual, fresh and fashionable, inspired by the Millennials‘ street style pictures making a huge buzz during the fashion weeks.


Looks from left to right: Topshop, Cos, &other stories, Asos

As a result, we can see how pastels, trendy prints, interesting cuts, feminine blouses, modern trousers and fancy shoes are taking over the classic items we used to wear at the office. It’s a functional way of dressing up, more comfortable yet more personal. And, also, more cost effective.

Cause, why not, this style would fit successfully even a dinner in a fancy restaurant or a cool party. As I said, the Y Generation is crazy about functionality!

The Effect

business look 2015

The mass market brands such as Zara, Top Shop and H&M, even the coolest ones – &Other Stories and Cos – embraced the change, ready to offer everything a young lady in her ‘20s is dreaming about for a working day. Modern design, functional textures that don’t wrinkle, wonderful colors – various tones of nude, gray, pastels putting at corner the classic black and white mix. All that at a good price, especially in the sale season.

Young designers around the world came with new visions of shirts, pants and dresses, having in mind the new generation’s need for attention and self branding.

Even the big luxury brands are ready to welcome the new generation of business women the day they will reach the purchasing power. That day is just about to begin.

Live your own exeprience with dressing up for office!

The New Business Look Meets Trends

Apart from the clothes’ department, the accessories’ market grew fast, answering an also growing demand.

It’s really nice to go eclectic from time to time, mixing big bracelets and heavy rings with a ‘70’s inspiration suit. It’s practical and interesting to choose a stylish backpack or even a good quality shopper instead of a tote.

Or simply go crazy with really fancy shoes. No hills liability!


new business look mango summer 2015

Mango Spring Summer 2015

You don’t have to be in your ‘20s to be an up to date business woman. Keep in mind:

  • Trendy pieces but elegant cuts
  • Sales, sales, sales! The perfect moment to upgrade the business wardrobe. That will be no longer just for business, without overcoming the dress code.
  • Enjoy dressing up. Try, mix, dare, highlight your personality!


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