Tanning Dilemma. The Summer Image Management Guide

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Tanning can be a dangerous matter. In open air, at the forbidden hours, but also in your bathroom, every morning, when you are preparing for a new day in the office.


The Tanning Trend

If you’re still wondering if it’s ok to use tanning products for your day to day office makeup, the answer is YES! Glowing skin is beautiful and fresh. And absolutely necessary for your mood. Especially those mornings when you would kill to remain at home, with a big cup of coffee and an easy book. And it’s also trendy this summer, whether you are a blonde or a brunette.

You will not have an image management problem as long as you remain natural.

So, the question is not Can I use a tanning product for my office makeup? But What tanning product suits better a suit?  

The answer is Tanning Powder

tanning makeup 2015


The Tanning Product: Terracotta Terre d’Ete, Guerlain

This beauty icon comes from Guerlain laboratories and has a flawless reputation. This summer you have a special edition, a Tan Enhancing Bronzer for Face and Decollete, in an irresistible XXL format. Price: 335 Ron (75 Euro), in Romania available only in Sephora.

It is a real investment despite the price. It comes in two shades you can use separately or blended, depending of your skin tone.

Before your holiday, when the skin is still pale, you will be happy to see how the lighter shade changes your mine in 30 seconds. If you are already tanned, the darker one helps you define better your face figures.

More About Texture

terracotta terre dete guerlain 2015

The finish is incredible natural, you won’t look like you are wearing a mask. So, no problem with your image management at the office!

This tanning powder with soft-as-silk texture is designed for all skin types, heaving 3 targets: unifying, intensifying and highlighting a natural tan as it progressively deepens towards midsummer.

Rule # 1: Invest in a very good tanning powder and use a big brush!

tanning brush sephora 2015 collection

The Applying

You have to learn 3 movements for a well sculpted summer glow, as the Guerlain makeup artist, Olivier Echaudemaison, explains.

  1. From forehead to cheekbones
  2. From cheekbones to chin
  3. Down towards the throat

That’s all you must do every morning to give a fresh start to a regular working day!


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